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2010 to 2014 Mustang: KR-Armrest

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King of the Road (KR) Armrest

Enhances your driving experience

KR Armrest - Features and Benefits:

  • The leather armrest supercedes OEM quality and feels luxurious
  • Manufactured in UK with specialist suppliers
  • Installs in seconds and easily removable to access items in the cupholders
  • Looks stylish and worthy of a showcar
  • Its ergonomic design offers comfort to both driver and passenger
  • Fits snugly and securely even during spirited driving
  • Foam padding offers exceptional support and comfort on long trips
  • International Tracked shipping
  • Designed By a Mustang owner For Mustang owners

Click here for a video of the quick Install and Features


2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Shelby - GT500, GTS
2012, 2013 Ford Mustang - Boss 302
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Ford Mustang - GT/CS, GT, V6

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Top quality, delighted

Just received and fitted my power button and arm rest cover to my 2016 Mustang – top quality, delighted with both – certainly two of the nicest additions to date. Arrived in just 48hrs too.

Steve Baker

Very high quality

The products that are produced by 5spurs is of very high quality and look so beautiful. Thank you.

5spurs gets 5stars!


John Persons, 2019 Ford Mustang

Great bespoke product!!

The KR Armrest is another great bespoke product!!

Karim Rahemat

Brilliant products


Just love the bespoke products you made for the BULLITT. Brilliant looking and adds a unique look to the interior. Can’t wait for the new ideas to come in.

Karim Rahemat

Well made and very comfortable

Today I installed the 5Spurs start/stop button and arm rest.
I ordered the button as a red blank because I’m strange like that. To install it I used the pick method from a CJPP video.
The arm rest is well made and very comfortable, especially with the MT because the cup holders are essentially useless. It’s made of real leather, the texture, stitching and color are a perfect match.

Armrest and Start Button
Kermitz, 2019 Mustang GT PP1

Very pleased

Just received my BULLITT Armrest, very pleased and good quality

Steve Burrows, 2020 Mustang BULLITT

Good quality and suits the car so much better

Bought the Bullitt Armrest and Start Button. Everything was delivered very quickly.

The Armrest looks great and is a perfect match with the original leather and the green stitching lines up perfect too. Looks so much better than two big cup holders which can still be used if need or as further concealed storage.

The Start Button was easy to install, just watch the installation video. Again it is good quality – better than the original plastic button and suits the car so much better.

Will be watching 5Spurs site for further products

BULLITT Armrest and Start Button
Alan R, 2020 Mustang BULLITT

Great product with Awesome service

I recently purchased the Armrest for my S550 Mustang – great quality, perfect colour match, looks factory and awesome service. I strongly recommend this business and their products.

KR Armrest
Steve Simmons, 2017 Mustang GT

Top Notch Company and Products

Such great products. The KR armrest fits perfect, removes easily for quick access to my phone and keys in the cup holder. With a manual transmission you don’t want cups in the cup holder, this makes it look extremely clean. The Power button is also very well made and a classy touch to my Bullitt. Looking forward to more 5Spurs products.

KR Armrest and Power Button
Patrick Moriarity, 2019 Mustang BULLITT K2547

Love this thing to bits

I had previously purchased a Bullitt start button and had already experienced the quality and craftsmanship of a 5 Spurs product. My desire to get my hands on an armrest went without saying as the cupholders (especially in a manual Mustang) are poorly placed. Very comfortable to use and the cupholders remain accessible to store your keys, coins, etc. The underside looks as good as the top and the attention to detail (neoprene underside to prevent marking) scores extra points.

Fits securely in a second. Doesn’t move around, and best of all looks and feels OEM. Love this thing to bits. It’s grouse!

KR Armrest
Stan Dodge, 2019 Mustang BULLITT

Should be in every Bullitt

I hammered Kevin to get this button to market. When it became available I sent my money and looked forward to finding out whether the claims for quality were justified. The button arrived well packed, beautifully shown off in its own custom presentation box and bearing the hallmarks of real craftsmanship. This button deserves to be placed front and centre inside every Bullitt.

High praise, sure…..but well earned.

Power Button
Stan Dodge, 2019 Mustang BULLITT

Highly recommended Bullitt gear

I purchased a Power button and Armrest for my Bullitt recently and am so chuffed with both of them. Stitching not only matches in colour but also matches exactly in position too! Great job, I highly recommend 5spurs.

Power Button and KR Armrest
Jason, 2019 Mustang BULLITT

Better than I expected! Quality is No. 1

Wow… I’m impressed! The Armrest extension looked good in the pics…but is even better than I expected! Quality is number one and the functionality is a home run! Worth the $$ absolutely!!

Power Button and KR Armrest
Voo Doo, 2019 Mustang BULLITT

Gives the feeling of a higher quality interior

I like the look of the Armrest, it’s more like Corvette styling and gives the feeling of a higher quality interior. I planned to use it solely for long trips, but after seeing it, I will be using it 90% of time, I have a Short Shifter so this makes it that much more comfortable. If my gf gets a drink from Starbucks she can hold it or just put the Armrest in the back seat.

I got the Power Button in Velocity Blue for my Grabber Blue car. It’s a nice piece, the video shows easy removal of stock button, it fought me a bit but got it.

Power Button and KR Armrest
FreedomPenguin, 2017 Ford Mustang

Perfect Service and Quality

After a nice contact and fast shipping, I received some perfect crafted goodies for my Bullitt. They are better than factory quality and an everyday delight to look at. Hope more nice thingies will follow on this channel 😉 !

Power Button and KR Armrest
Marcus Kadgien, 2019 Mustang BULLITT

Fits well and solves a problem

This is a very good, well designed product that fits well and solves a problem that should have been thought through by Ford. It fits snugly on top of the cup holders and is easy to remove if access is required. The cup holders are badly positioned anyway and if used for cups or bottles they obstruct access to the gear shift, particularly with manuals, so no great loss! Although the armrest is not cheap I have found it invaluable from a comfort perspective, particularly on a recent 2,000 mile tour of Europe when we were driving up to 10 hours per day! Wouldn’t be without it now.

S550 KR-Armrest
Rob Hayward, 2018 Mustang GT

Quality made. Fit, colour and texture are spot on

Firstly, the armrest is quality made. Fit, colour and texture are spot on. I mainly bought it because of the cup holders and rarely use them…but if I do, the armrest can easily be detached – like a cup.

S550 KR-Armrest
Manuel, 2018 Ford Mustang

Looks like it has come from Ford

Just received the new version of the Armrest that cover the cup holder on the transmission tunnel. The product is amazing quality & makes a massive difference to driver comfort. The Armrest looks like it has come from Ford as standard, fits perfectly & still allows access to the cup holders should you need them. This is something that all new Mustang owners from 2015 model on need in their cars.

S550 KR-Armrest
Greg Classon, 2015 Ford Mustang

No movement when driving

This is a fantastic product, fits exactly, no movement when driving. Looks fantastic. Ford should have covered them cup holders in the factory, if they had I don’t suppose it would have been as good as this. Love it !! 100% recommended

S550 KR-Armrest
Barrie Cornwell, 2017 Ford Mustang

Quality that matches the OEM even down to the stitching

Product received and looks great, thanks Kevin. The armrest worked really good on a 120 mile journey yesterday and saved the ‘elbow in the cupholder’ issue. Makes a big difference right next to the driver and even more functional since the cupholders are not well placed, we don’t use the cupholders for drinks anyway as they are in the way of the gear stick. Easily fitted to store things (out of sight) in the cupholders or removed if needed for drinks. A quality product – it matches the OEM rest even down to the stitching. Would recommend.

S550 KR-Armrest
Simon, 2017 Ford Mustang

Crucial for manual drivers

I had v1 of this armrest & was really pleased with it. v2 is an even better version as it’s more streamlined, so it’s an improvement on an already great product. It makes driving the car so much more comfortable, a crucial factor for manual drivers.

S550 KR-Armrest
Simon Everidge, 2015 Ford Mustang

Super service

Good quality product and well packaged
Friendly service and received in a timely manner.

S550 KR-Armrest
M Suttie, 2017 Mustang GT

Superb quality and easy install

Love the new button! It adds a nice little touch to the interior. Quality is great and install took no longer than 15 min. Absolutely worth it!

Hellcat Power Button
Slav, 2018 Jeep Trackhawk

Absolutely incredible…

Loved the Demon Buttons so much it made perfect sense to get the Hellcat Button too for my 2018 Jeep Trackhawk. It is my daily driver so this button gets used multiple times a day and I wanted to feel the 5SPURS quality that I have come to know and appreciate on every startup. Life is too short to pass up the enjoyment that comes with the press of these buttons. I stop at nothing but the best for myself and my cars and for the experience they provide these buttons are worth the money.

I’m also impressed with how Kevin/5SPURS goes above and beyond for their products and customers. I highly recommend this quality product over the cheap OEM one or alternatives and look forward to future products.

Hellcat Power Button
The Capitalist Hustler, 2018 Jeep TrackHawk

Wow!! This is Quality

I am a Mopar car collector and required something very special for my Dodge Demon Giveaway. I was amazed when I opened up the box and saw a work of art, these Power buttons do not disappoint at all! The level of quality is hard to explain and pictures rarely do it justice. True quality like this has to be experienced in order to be appreciated. The tactile feel of the high grade metal transforms the startup experience by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend these buttons if you’re like me and take pride in ownership of your cars.

Demon Power Button
The Capitalist Hustler, 2018 Dodge Demon 😈

Quality and Style

Ever since I installed this product, I want more…Ford really screwed up the interior with all of the plastic it has and this just sets everything off. It is such a wonderful addition to the car and goes well with how I have completed the rest of the interior. I look forward to more products from this company and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Mustang Power Button
Jason Miller, 2015 Ford Mustang

A jewel on the dashboard

Looks like a million bucks. Feels like a million.
Got quite a few “where did you get that” comments.
Quality has its price.

Mustang Power Button
John DeSimone, 2016 Ford Mustang

Quality product

I have just replaced the red GT350 power button in my Mustang S550 with a 5 Spurs item.
I know it’s just a start button, but it makes the whole experience of getting in and starting up the engine much more pleasurable. The previous button was nice, but it was just shiny red plastic, the look and feel of the 5 Spurs one is leagues above, it’s quality, a bit like the offerings in upmarket European cars (no names mentioned).
Very, very pleased.

Mustang Power Button
Colin K, 2016 Ford Mustang

I’ve got the Power

Makes a huge difference to the whole engine ignition experience! The look & feel of this high quality start button is significantly better than the stock plastic variant installed by Ford in the factory. It looks great & is very tactile, both of which significantly enhance your senses & emotions when you press it to ignite the engine. At that point the pleasure of driving takes over!

Mustang Power Button
Simon Everidge, 2015 Ford Mustang

Looks awesome!

A fantastic upgrade over the stock plastic button. Nice and easy 5 minute install, and looks awesome!

Mustang Power Button
Karl, 2016 Ford Mustang

Excellent mod!

Lovely little piece, and certainly a genuine ‘upgrade’ over the stock plastic one. I advise using an angled pick when removing the stock button.

Mustang Power Button
John Hampshire, 2016 Ford Mustang