2015-17 Mustang Power Button Installation Guide

Please go through these instructions prior to and during to installation.
If in doubt, please contact us at info@5spurs.com

Removal of stock Start-Stop Button:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Protect the trim around the button to safeguard from accidental scratches.
  3. There are 2 clip holders, one located on the top left (11 o’clock) and the other on the lower right (5 o’clock).
  4. Carefully remove the button with an angled pick or similar tool.
    • For Left-Hand-Drive Mustangs start between the 1 and 2 o’clock position
    • For Right-Hand-Drive Mustangs start between the 10 and 11 o’clock position.
Button Removal

The Ultimate Trifecta: Power Button + Engine + Exhaust

You really love your car. It’s got that great engine you always wanted. You’ve even installed a new exhaust that’s stirring up the neighborhood. Yet there’s one critical element that must be incorporated to complete the trifecta – the 5 SPURS Power Button. The Mustang’s start button is that crucial connection between you and the car, it’s the gateway to the power of the engine and roar of the exhaust.

5 SPURS Fiery Red Power Button

We put thought and focus on the start button because its function is integral and its use is frequent. Think about how many times you will be starting your car. It all comes down to that one button and we wanted to make it as special as possible. We put the best engineers, technology and materials to work and have crafted something truly special.

The button is a sign of commitment and a mark of quality. All our buttons come secured in a custom handmade box to symbolise it’s significance. With each touch of the 5 SPURS Power Button you’re going to love your car all over again.

Power Button – Engine – Exhaust……. 1 – 2 – 3 …..Go!

Show your commitment with this gem found exclusively in our VAULT.

Simplicity in design

Quote on Simplicity
Simple & Sophisticated

A thought provoking excerpt from a legend whose designs and products have revolutionized industries and changed lives. His words resonate strongly with us at 5 SPURS as we look back on the hard work that has gone into re-designing the Start button.

On the surface our start button might look like the stock OEM one in metal, but to the trained eye and mind, they are miles apart. We have re-engineered something small to produce a huge impact, the experience of starting up a car has been completely transformed and re-defined. That is the beauty of the 5 SPURS Power button. We had to remove the clutter, delve deep into the depths of complexity and focus on the essence of the Mustang – the POWER!

While the Power text is there to reinforce what happens when you press the button, the power symbol adds a recognized graphic that is minimalist, looks good, is true to function and yet BOLD!

Clear, simple, efficient.

We hope our customers and the automotive industry appreciate the hard work and thought that has gone into crafting this jewel.

Make a Power statement with the 5 SPURS button available in the VAULT!

Ever figure out what those symbols mean?

The 2 symbols with Engine Start/Stop text look way too cluttered on something as small as the Start Button and have little relevance outside the confines of engineering board rooms.

Bin that cheap plastic, leave the stickers to the kids and indulge yourself with the experience of a high grade Aluminum Power button that will boost your pride of ownership. Pick one up at our VAULT and make sure to recycle that plastic.

Hidden feature: Accessory Mode

Most modern cars have start buttons with “ENGINE Start/Stop” displayed on them. While this is correct for starting the engine, there are times when you want to turn on only the car’s accessories like radio, air conditioning, navigation etc. without starting the engine. This is where the confusion lies. The same start button has a secondary function called “Accessory Mode” and it is to be activated when you do not need the engine started or running. In the S550 Mustang, this mode can be turned on by pushing the start button without pressing the brake pedal for auto transmissions or brake + clutch pedal for manual transmissions.

To make this clear, this is how it reads:

To start/stop engine: ENGINE START/STOP
To turn on/off Accessory Mode: ENGINE START/STOP**

**Incorrect instruction since the engine does not start when this mode is activated.
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The Alchemists

We travelled far and wide in search of only the best manufacturers to craft the unique 5 SPURS Power Button. Out of the many, we found the one whose skill and precision suits our purpose perfectly. Their work is impeccable, like that of modern day Alchemists, magically turning regular base metals into something precious. They possess these skills from 50 years of experience in Formula 1, Aston Martin, Lotus Engineering and the Aerospace industry. Their passion and zeal for perfection matches ours closely and we look forward to strengthening this partnership even more in the future. We have a number of innovative products in various stages of development and are creating new relationships to further our mission.

5 SPURS Gold Power Button

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.” – Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

If you’re one of them, you’ll find what’s extraordinary in our VAULT!

Seal of Authenticity

For peace of mind that you are in receipt of genuine 5 SPURS high quality products, look for our seal of authenticity on the rear face of your 5 SPURS Power Button. As a rule of thumb, always purchase direct from our VAULT on the 5spurs.com website.

5 SPURS Rear Seal
5 SPURS Seal of Authenticity

Please notify us of knock-offs so we can defend our customers and products with appropriate action. Some will try to copy us, however we trust our consumers to support us while we further our mission to provide them with high quality products. We have 50 innovative products (and counting) that we plan to bring to fruition in the near future.