Hidden feature: Accessory Mode

Most modern cars have start buttons with “ENGINE Start/Stop” displayed on them. While this is correct for starting the engine, there are times when you want to turn on only the car’s accessories like radio, air conditioning, navigation etc. without starting the engine. This is where the confusion lies. The same start button has a secondary function called “Accessory Mode” and it is to be activated when you do not need the engine started or running. In the S550 Mustang, this mode can be turned on by pushing the start button without pressing the brake pedal for auto transmissions or brake + clutch pedal for manual transmissions.

To make this clear, this is how it reads:

To start/stop engine: ENGINE START/STOP
To turn on/off Accessory Mode: ENGINE START/STOP**

**Incorrect instruction since the engine does not start when this mode is activated.

The function of the Accessory Mode can be missed since you’re always reading ENGINE Start/Stop on the button, similar to a storefront displaying a “CLOSED” sign but their hours of operation say they are open. This inaccuracy is confusing if you are new to the car and there are still some who turn on the engine to roll down or pull up their windows while stationary, causing inconvenience to themselves and wasting fuel in the process.

At 5 SPURS we think outside the box and strive for accuracy in all our products, which is why we have used the Power On/Off symbol which is true to both scenarios, whether you start/stop the Engine or turn on/off Accessory Mode.

Furthermore, “POWER ON” is all encompassing and not limited to only the engine starting – consider all the electric and electronic systems (think Starter motor) that have to “power on” first before the engine can ever start.

The 5 SPURS button is accurate to it’s dual purpose and does so with style. This is how it reads:

5 SPURS Carbon Black Button
5 SPURS Carbon Black


To start/stop engine: POWER ON/OFF (…the engine’s systems)
To turn on/off Accessory Mode: POWER ON/OFF (…the accessories)

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