Simplicity in design

Quote on Simplicity
Simple & Sophisticated

A thought provoking excerpt from a legend whose designs and products have revolutionized industries and changed lives. His words resonate strongly with us at 5 SPURS as we look back on the hard work that has gone into re-designing the Start button.

On the surface our start button might look like the stock OEM one in metal, but to the trained eye and mind, they are miles apart. We have re-engineered something small to produce a huge impact, the experience of starting up a car has been completely transformed and re-defined. That is the beauty of the 5 SPURS Power button. We had to remove the clutter, delve deep into the depths of complexity and focus on the essence of the Mustang – the POWER!

While the Power text is there to reinforce what happens when you press the button, the power symbol adds a recognized graphic that is minimalist, looks good, is true to function and yet BOLD!

Clear, simple, efficient.

We hope our customers and the automotive industry appreciate the hard work and thought that has gone into crafting this jewel.

Make a Power statement with the 5 SPURS button available in the VAULT!

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