What makes our start button unlike any other:


  • All our buttons are crafted by precision engineers with years of experience in Formula 1, Aston Martin, Lotus Engineering and the Aerospace Industry.
  • The all-metal construction completely transforms the startup experience through high-quality tactile feedback.
  • We utilize the best tools and technology – our buttons are manufactured to perfection using 5-Axis CNC Machining and Turning Systems.
  • We chose Aluminum 6082 for its excellent corrosion resistance and high strength compared to other 6000 series alloys.
  • Laser engraving ensures the text and symbol graphics are clear and smooth to the touch.
  • The high-caliber workmanship is evidence of our attention to detail.

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  • The refined design and robust feel of the metal will immediately instill in you a sense of confidence and strength.
  • The build quality of the vehicle will seem unusually higher with every inescapable touch of the Metal Power button. Those cheap and weak plastics of your interior will be all but forgotten.
  • You will find yourself catapulted into a different dimension where things were built tough and built to last just like in the good ol’ days.
  • The psychological impact of pressing “POWER” on the Button followed by feeling the power of the engine as it comes to life and then hearing the roar of the exhaust is truly a profound and thrilling experience.
  • The buttons are designed to clip-on and swap out easily without damaging the clips.

Our POWER button proves that a small improvement can make a tremendous impact.
It is of the highest quality and you will treasure it more with every touch .
To truly appreciate the button, you must experience it for yourself.

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